Gifts for Our Tailors

Our team are the heart of everything we do at Visible Clothing. They receive fair wages and work in an inclusive and caring environment and hearing thanks from you, the people who wear the clothes they make, means so much to them.

There are a variety of ways to say thanks:

  1. Send us photos of the clothes being worn. Email any photos to and we'll share them with our tailors!

  2. Say thank you by purchasing a gift to give to our tailors. We've curated a variety of ways that we already give to our tailors, which you can add to. By adding to the pool of funds for each category we're able to give even more. This serves as a powerful thank you for the beautiful and high-quality items they make every day. 

  3. Tell others. Your personal recommendation is the best way for more people to learn about us and our unique approach to ethical clothing. We have nothing to hide and believe in total visibility regarding our people, products, and pricing.