Our Values

At the Visible Tailoring Center, we strive to make sure all our decisions are in line with our core values: Fairness, Sustainability, and Fun.


We produce all our garments using the 10 Principles of Fair Trade. This means we not only treat our team with equality and respect, but also our suppliers, customers, and the environment. We are committed to producing garments of the highest quality while being honest and transparent in our practices.


True fairness only comes when we make a commitment to the environment as well. As people continue to consume more we believe it's essential to find ways to waste less, produce in smarter ways, and develop new production structures with the environment in mind.

Some of our initiatives include:

  • Partnering with the Green Paper Shop in Mcleod Ganj, India, which works with Tibetan refugees to turn our paper and fabric refuse into handmade paper, books, and boxes.

  • Designing with zero-waste in mind. We consider how our designs can use as much of the fabric as possible and we make items, including hairbows, out of pattern-cutting waste. An example of a zero-waste design is our Zero Waste Tee.

  • Sustainably souring our fabrics. We use organic fairtrade cotton or upcycled fabrics for our clothing and accessories.

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  • For upcycling, we claim materials from 'deadstock fabrics', which are fabrics other companies no longer have a use for either because they over-ordered, the shade was off, or because the print is no longer 'in season' for them. By using these fabrics we avoid fresh fabric production, which often involves extensive energy and water consumption, as well as agricultural resources. We also constantly monitor the latest sustainable fabrics coming to market to see if they fit our brands and designers.

  • Providing safe drinking water to our team through a water purification system we've installed at the tailoring center. This helps reduce dependence on bottled water.


Life is short and we believe in cultivating an experience for our team and our customers that makes every day fun!

We believe in quality over quantity and running a business that is centered around positive values and interactions rather than profit. One of the reasons we love being a small business is we get to build close relationships with our employees and customers.

Our experiences become enriched when we interact as a community rather than as individuals or us vs. them.

Want to learn more?

If you ever have questions about our values and how we operate, please reach out to shop@visible.clothing. We always love to hear from you!