We met Quan in September 2014. 

We were impressed by his tailoring and have no doubt you will be too when you see the shirts he has made for Visible.

Quan used to own a tailoring shop, however sold everything to pay for his wife's medical bills. Sadly, getting into debt to pay hospital fees and medication is a regular occurrence in Vietnam. He and his son (21) now live and work out of one small room in the middle of what seemed to me like a maze of alleys. His goal is to grow his business so that he can provide job opportunities for others. 

Quan has access to equipment loans and training on how to run a business through our partner, Fashion 4 Freedom. All the equipment loans that go to tailors are 'payed forward' through the recipient offering goods and services to local people who can't afford them. That way the tailors do not have the huge burden of having to repay a debt. These loans and business training are crucial to enable tailors like Quan to get regular work that pays enough to live off.


Quan and his son with Visible CEO, Andy Showell-Rogers (photo taken in September 2014)